Sam Jane Portfolio

Hey, I’m Sam and I’m a junior UX UI Designer!

With a background in sales and a degree in psychology, my strengths lie in solving problems that benefit the business and the user. During my career, I have had the priviledge to work with multiple companies classified as FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 and my true passion centres around looking at beneficial solutions for the not- for- profit sector.

The Connection

Users can help the homeless by connecting and donating to them directly in a digital and cashless society- End to end UX/ UI Design.

Video Facilitator

A collaborative tool that allows multiple speakers to present concurrently at virtual events- UX Review and UI refresh

Sydney Soiree

A dating app connecting attendees of a singles event prior to the event- End to end UX/ UI Design project.

Long Story Short- I'm a UX/ UI Designer focused on Human Centred Design

Short story long- I have been interested in human psychology since a young age which led me to studying a Bachelor of Psychology after high school. More recently, my interest has been within the technology sector when working with a Global system integrator for the past 6 years. I am particularly interested in looking at technology that can better the world around us and incorporating my knowledge of psychology when providing the best experiences to users of those products. Outside of my day job, I have been helping companies connect their digital products with their users through human centred design. I have also designed and am developing a  passion project of my own called The Connection. The connection connects people with those experiencing homelessness so they can view their personal struggle and donate directly to them. If you’d like to connect or find our more about my work feel free to browse through my work or connect below.

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